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Everything about the Flag of Nepal

जब सम्म चन्द्र्मा र सुर्य रहन्छ, तब सम्म यो पृथ्वीमा नेपालको अस्तित्व रहन्छ ।

This prompting quote is the most prevailing sayings concerning Nepal, that we as a Gorkhali have heard and apprehended throughout history. From the time Nepal was unified as a nation, Revolutionary people and social activists have chanted over this saying.

Incipiently this well-stated Proverb is profoundly inspired by the flag of our country and its emblems of the Sun and the Moon. 

And the Renowned fact about our national pride, our flag is being shaped as a Double-Trilateral Pennon(flag), it is distinct from four-sided National flags of countries around the World. 

Besides this, Everything from the Shape, the Emblems, and the Colors of the Flag have been considerably inspired & incited with the History of our country Nepal and stand for their own purposes.

— About the Flag of Nepal —

What is the significance of the Sun and the Moon in Nepal’s Flag?

Originally, the Sun and the Moon in our flag were the representations of the then two powerful ruling clans, the Sun dynasty (Suryabanshi) and the Moon dynasty (Chandrabanshi).

Everything about the Flag of Nepal

But From 1958, the flag’s emblems, the Sun and the crescent Moon were done with human faces. Where the face of the Moon resembled a woman with Goddess-like features and the Sun of a Male Deity. It is believed that it emphasizes the mythos that The Moon as a god is often depicted as Female, while the Sun is often depicted as Male and typically her husband.

Yet During the Rana Sasan, The Ranas appealed that The moon signified the Royal Descents (Royal Family) accompanied by The Sun symbolizing branch of the Rana family (members of which were prime ministers until 1961). 

Different from these, Today’s eye-pleasing design of the flag was affirmed on 16 December 1962 with no facial featured emblems, along with the formation of a new constitutional government. The faces were discarded for a more modern aesthetic and to make it more alike other international flags.

Up to the present time, the notions towards the symbols have evolved and Now Nepalese contemplate that The moon expresses the pleasant weather of the Himalayas, whereas the sun exemplifies the warmth and the higher temperatures in the lower-lying regions of Nepal. 

By the same token, the most prevalent and widely accepted definition from the past behind the emblems persists to be: 

Like the Sun & the moon in the sky,  the existence of Nepal is eternally eminent.

— About the Flag of Nepal —

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